Mineral Exploration

Mineral ExplorationCentral Australia is a difficult area in which to operate.  It is an arid, desert environment, in fact several different deserts.  This means inhospitable country, difficult terrain, sparsely settled, with very few roads

Off the main highways these roads are mostly unsealed and can consist of washaways, heavy corrugations, stone, sand and flood plains.

Well prepared vehicles and equipment are an absolute must.  Many roads should only be attempted in four wheel drive high clearance vehicles.

Whether you are carrying out a survey, pegging a lease, carrying out a geophysical program, or simply need to transfer people and equipment completing the job even with well equipped, appropriate vehicles can be a costly endeavour.  It requires a significant investment not only in equipment but also in the team to operate it.  The remoteness and lack of settlements means that back-up support and services are not always available.

The conditions and distances simply mean the job takes too long and costs too much.  Time is of the essence.  So an easier and more cost effective solution is required.

Helicopters provide that solution.  They are used to conduct tasks that are not possible with other aircraft, or are too time or work-intensive to achieve on the ground.  Their ability to takeoff and land vertically, to hover for extended periods of time, and ability to over-fly the most difficult terrain mean they are the answer to the exacting requirements of mining and pastoral operations in Central Australia.

Since 1992 we have provided logistical support to the exploration industry for geophysical surveys, geological and geochemical sampling, supplying experienced crews and helicopters that are especially set up for remote area operations.

Our fleet of turbine and piston engined aircraft are rigorously maintained to the highest standard and our experienced team is available to assist you with your exploration program.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives and save you time and money too.

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